The national football recruiting scene gets tougher and more competitive each and every year. There are thousands of high school football players from all around the country who are scratching and clawing to not only help their teams win, but to also try and make it to college football.

If you are trying to make ti to the next level of football, here are three specific tips you can use to get an edge on your competition in the national football recruiting wars:

1- Get Started Early

Most players never market and promote themselves to college coaches (a huge mistake), and the ones who do don’t do it correctly. One of the biggest mistakes I see high school players make is that they wait too late to start making contact with college coaches. You simply can’t wait until your senior year to start making contact with coaches and expect them to be ready to sign you in just a few months. College coaches like to evaluate players for a couple of years if possible, so get started at least by your junior year.

2- Make A Lot Of Contacts

Another big mistake is only contacting a few coaches. Each coach recruits several players for each spot on the roster. Therefore, you need many coaches interested in potentially ยูฟ่าเบท signing you if you want to end up getting some type of offer to play. You should probably send your athletic resume and personal letter to at least 50 schools.

3- Keep Coaches Updated

One of the best ways to do well in national football recruiting is to keep coaches informed. Once a coach has shown any level of interest in you, you need to keep him updated. Send him period updates of your states, key accomplishments, awards (player of the week, etc). You want to do whatever it takes to keep your name front and center with the coach…so they don’t forget about you!

As stated earlier, national football recruiting is very competitive and challenging. However, by just taking a few extra steps that most high school players don’t, you can put yourself in a good position to be recruited. In today’s recruiting environment, you need every advantage you can get. Start marketing and promoting yourself today!

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